Anniversary Bus Tour Commemorating the Second Battle of Manassas
“In the Steps of ‘Stonewall’ Jackson: Prelude to Second Manassas”

Virtual Zoom, Facebook, In-person:
  14 July
2022 7:00 PM

Topic: "August 27: The Critical Actions of the Second Manassas Campaign“

Speaker: Kevin Pawlak
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Jan 13

Historian and Author Ryan Quint  " Battle of Dranesville VA , December 1861"

Zoom & Facebook/In-person when possible

Feb 10

Historian and Author Bill Backus "All Quiet Along the Potomac Tonight”: the Potomac River Blockade of 1861-1862“

Zoom & Facebook/In-person when possible

Mar 10

Historian and VCWT Director Drew Gruber "Battle of Eltham’s Station Va  May 1862“

Zoom & Facebook/In-person when possible

Apr 14
Historian and Author Greg Mertz  “The Battle of Shiloh, April 1862”

Zoom & Facebook/In-person when possible

May 12

Historian and Author Scott Patchan " Federal Colonel Joseph Thoburn in the Valley” Zoom & Facebook/In-person when possible
June 9
Author and Historian John Carter   “Centreville VA Civil War Defenses 1861-1862“ Zoom & Facebook/In-person when possible
July 14
Historian and Author Kevin Pawlak ““August 27: The Critical Actions of the Second Manassas Campaign”
Zoom & Facebook/In-person when possible
August 16
Historian and Author Michael Block “Battle of Cedar Mountain Aug 1862"
Zoom & Facebook/In-person when possible; New book….title may change
Sept 8
Historian and Author Dan Welch “ Battle of Antietam Creek Sept 17, 1862"
Zoom & Facebook/In-person when possible; New Book….title may change
Oct 13
Author and Historian Jon-Erik Gilot “Albert G. Jenkins’ Trans-Allegheny Raid"
Zoom & Facebook/In-person when possible; title may change
Nov 10
Zoom & Facebook/In-person when possible
Dec 8
Author and Historian  Dr. Chris Mackowski "  Battle of Fredericksburg  December 13, 1862”
Zoom & Facebook/In-person when possible.

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