Saturday 18 March 2023

    Mosby’s March 1863 Raid at Fairfax Courthouse Walking Tour Marching Orders

Microsoft Word - Fredericksburg Tour Marching Orders

Tour Marching Orders (pdf)

Date/Time: Saturday, March 18, 2023n 10 AM Microsoft Word - Fredericksburg Tour Marching Orders

Subject Matter: Colonel John Singleton Mosby’s March 9, 1863 daring raid far inside Union lines near the Fairfax Courthouse

Microsoft Word - Fredericksburg Tour Marching Order Tour Guide: Don Hackenson – Author, Renowned Mosby Authority

Gathering Time/Assembly Location: 10 AM / Truro Anglican Church parking lot (10520 Main St., Fairfax) – abuts North & Main Streets

Tour Start Time: 10:15 AM

Tour Duration: 1-1/2 hrs.

Lunch (targeted 12 Noon): Ornery Beer Company Public House (Fairfax) – within walking distance; individual lunch tab

Mode of Transportation/Clothing: Walking - Dress as appropriate for prevailing weather conditions, wear comfortable walking shoes and consider a walking stick if necessary
  • Walking distance: Less than 1⁄2 mile
Tour Stops include:
1. Thomas Murray house: Mosby believed this was the HQs of LTC Sir Percy Windham. T. Murray was arrested after the raid and sent to Old Capitol Prison in Wash.

2. Ford House: Residence of Edward R. Ford and his daughter, Antonia Ford. BG Edwin H. Stoughton’s mother and sister were staying here, as were various Union officers before and after the raid. This gave Antonia ample opportunities to listen and gather military information which she passed on to J.E.B. Stuart and later to John Mosby. Accused of assisting Mosby, she was ultimately arrested and sent to Old Capitol Prison, where she met her future husband, Union Major Joseph Willard.

3. Joshua Gunnell house: Outhouse Johnstone story

4. Fairfax Courthouse: Mosby and his men would capture various Union soldiers sleeping in tents on the courthouse grounds, in addition to the Union telegrapher here.

5. Dr. William Presley Gunnell house: Mosby’s capture of Union BG Edwin Stoughton

6. Fairfax Cemetery: Optional

Cost: Free to All

BRCWRT Contact: Jim Lewis, 703 620-2956